Trimos 20-V6-700 V6 Manual/Motorised Height Gauge 711mm/28"  Product Code: TRI20-V6-700 

The vertical measuring instruments V5 and V6 are the descendants of the 
legendary V+ line; universally recognised for its ease of use and high quality. 
Their clear display and user-friendly functions offer exceptional ease of use. 
But that's not all: the V5 and V6 are equipped with a revolutionary 
displacement hand-wheel offering its user the choice of displacement mode of 
the measuring carriage; either manual or motor-driven. Neither mode is 
compromised, which means that the user who prefers a manual instrument will not notice a difference from a classic manual instrument, and the same applies to the motor-driven displacement. This innovation avoids having to make a 
difficult choice during the purchasing process and can accommodate multiple 
users with the same instrument. The design of the V5 with its side probe 
holders revives an old Trimos tradition: they enable measuring with long, 
robust probes guaranteeing excellent repeatability. The V6 is of the same 
calibre as the V5. It's equipped with a more precise measuring system and 
enables the use of an electronic perpendicular probe. 
List Price: £6079.00 Call for Best Offer 
Display Type 
Data Output 
Measuring Force 
Max Permissable Errors 
Measuring range with extension 
Frontal Squareness Deviation 
With Air Cushion 
2 + L(mm)/400µm 
1 (Ø:2) µm 
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