TESA MICRO-HITE PLUS M 350 / 600 / 900  

All TESA MICRO-HITE plus M height gauges are unique in that they have exceptional metrological capabilities and can be used intuitively with ease. The revolutionary rotary power control combines the speed of the manual concept with the precision of the motorised one. With their robust and stand-alone design, these electronic height gauges are optimally suited for use on the shop floor as in the inspection laboratory. 
Measure lengths in the form of internal, external, height, depth or distance dimensions of geometrical part features having either a plain, parallel or cylindrical surface, whether in one or two coordinate directions. Determine the position of bores in two coordinate directions with the output in both polar an Cartesian (rectangular) coordinates. Mechanically adjusted at the plant based on TESA's method used to verify the correct position of the guiding column against the gauge base. This method allows form and position error to be easily and quickly detected by means of a lever-type dial indicator. 
Modular design descending from the successful TESA MICRO-HITE dynasty. Also equipped with the unique rotary power control located close to the rugged base. This feature serves for guiding the column that moves on a cushion of air, commanding fast motion of the probe insert and triggering all main measuring functions. Its intuitive use allows accurate, easy handling of the column. A simple rotation causes the measuring head to move rapidly, approach the contact point quickly or slowly, probe upward or downward or execute bore measurement. 
*Picture includes Power Panel 
Available in three different size with a measuring span of 365, 615 or 920mm. 
Choice between two control panels for value processing and output. 
Metric and inch LC display with a resolution to 0.0001 and 0.001mm or inch equivalent. 
Autonomous run through batteries. No cumbersome cable. 
Built-in air bearing for easy displacement over the surface plate. 
Motorised measuring head for fast, accurate probing at each contact point with a constant measuring force. 
TESA ยต system for matchless reliability and simplicity. 
High precision though CAA (Computer Aided Accuracy). All correction values stored in the memory still add to the mechanical precision. 
Coefficient of linear expansion matching that of steel (11.5 x 10-6 K-1) 
RS 232 data output. 
SCS calibration certificate delivered with every height gauge. 
Order Code 
TESA MICRO-HITE Plus M 350 Height Gauge Set (Measuring span: 365mm/14", Application range: 0-520mm/0-20") 
TESA MICRO-HITE Plus M 600 Height Gauge Set (Measuring span: 615mm/24", Application range: 0-770mm/0-30") 
TESA MICRO-HITE Plus M 900 Height Gauge Set (Measuring span: 920mm/36", Application range: 0-1075mm/0-42") 
TESA POWER PANEL Plus M for TESA MICRO-HITE Plus M 350/600/900 
TESA POWER PANEL Plus M with built-in printer for TESA MICRO-HITE Plus M 350/600/900 
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