TESA-HITE PLUS M 400 / 700 (Motorised)  

The added value of the motorised TESA-HITE plus M 400/700 is not only noticeable in their technical features, but also in their ease of use. Combined with the programming function, this solution is ideal for recurrent measurements in the shop floor environment. Advanced functions allow for complex calculations such as those required for two-axis or perpendicularity measurement. These height gauges with outstanding features offer the most attractive price/performance relationship, making them indispensable for the workshop. 
*Picture includes Power Panel. 
Wide application range. 
Electronics entirely protected from the penetration of liquids and dust particles. 
Integrated air cushion, mounted control panel. 
Easy, intuitive use of the rotary power control. 
Provide all the measuring functions of a dedicated motorised column, including height, diameter, distance, parallelism, perpendicularity, straightness, angle and 2D measurement besides programming, automatic probing cycles, statistical value processing. 
TESA's patented measuring system, opto-electronic. 
Probe insert holder and inserts compatible with those of TESA MICRO-HITE. 
SCS calibration certificate attached to each height gauge. 
Order Code 
TESA-HITE Plus M 400 Height Gauge (Measuring span: 405mm/16", Application range: 0-560mm/0-22" 
TESA-HITE Plus M 700 Height Gauge (Measuring span: 755mm/27", Application range: 0-860mm/0-33") 
TESA-HITE Plus M 400 Height gauge with built in printer for results output (Measuring span/Application same as TES00730045) 
TESA-HITE Plus M 700 Height gauge with built in printer for results output (Measuring span/Application same as TES00730046) 
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