XPRESS Xpress delivers ultra-fast, accurate 2D measurement within the field of view (FOV), at the touch of a button. No need to focus. No need to position your parts. Instantly and accurately measure hundreds of features within the field of view in seconds. Xpress utilises the power of high resolution field of view (FOV) measurement to provide high accuracy, 2D measurements of small parts, in an instant. With Xpress, there is no need to position the part, or even adjust the focus - just place the part within the field of view, and then run the programme. Hundreds of measurements are taken (within the field of view) in seconds. Xpress is ideal for customers who require the fastest, simplest way to accurately measure their component parts. 

Rapid, high accuracy 2D measurement system, within the field of view (FOV) 
No need for focus adjustment or sample positioning. 
Reduces measurement time - significantly 
Exceptional ease of use - eliminates operator variances 
Go, No Go results, with full geometric tolerancing 
Operator training takes minutes, not hours. 

Field of View 

Xpress 35 
Xpress 70 


Xpress 35 
Xpress 70 


Xpress 35 
Xpress 70 
* Measured under controlled conditions 
Note: Components can be larger than the actual field of view if measuring individual features, or if all features to be measured are within field of view. 

Optics Fully telecentric lens. 

Camera 5.0Mp USB2.0 camera 

Illumination Controllable and programmable LED surface illumination 

Power Controllable and programmable LED surface illumination 

Dimensions Dimensions 270mm(w) x 375mm(d) x 665mm(h) 

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